Why Ziksu

Our platform uses PayID to ensure each payment is instant.
Our QR code technology is where we really shine.

Seamless Scan & Pay

Create instant QR code

Truly Contactless Payments

Instant Payments Every Time

Personal Transaction Tracking

Benefits For Business

No exclusive device needed

QR code payments - anytime, anywhere

Incredibly low transaction fees

 Zero settlement period

Automated reconciliation 

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Benefits For

All your financial needs at your fingertips

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Easy access to accumulated fees

Create fast and easy QR Codes

Discover detailed insights of your transactions

Fast, easy and accessible menus

Get paid instantly with Ziksu QR Code

Automated real-time income and expenses reports

Personal Account

Helping you save more every day with all your financial needs at your fingertips.

With Ziksu you can create a QR code exclusive for a transaction and share it to receive money from family and friends.
Ziksu's automated clear and simple visual reporting provides detailed insights into your spending habits and incoming funds. Helping you to plan wisely, manage smartly and track effectively. We provide category based, time based as well as Merchant based reports allowing you to budget effortlessly.
Connect your other bank accounts in Ziksu and transfer funds seamlessly between your Ziksu account and your linked bank accounts. Create a Ziksu business account and start your business from the comfort of your home. Transfer funds between your Business and Personal account, anytime.

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