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Ziksu is an Australian incorporated neobank startup building 100% mobile-only digital platform for Retail and Business.

At Ziksu, our constant focus is to enhance the banking services for every Australian. Alignment is being ‘product-oriented’ than being ‘fee-oriented’.

With no legacy systems on our back and using emerging technologies, we’re building from ground up a truly customer-centric financial products platform.

No, we are not.

As a startup, we will not be applying for the Restricted Authorised Deposit-taking Institution License application.

We’re not ruling out a future application.

If our internal strategy mandates one, to give us a broader runaway to sustain churning out product-oriented banking offerings for YOU.

Ziksu will offer a unified and secure integrated mobile platform offering financial services on your fingertips. Literally!!

Since backend of 2019, we’ve been hard at work developing this platform centered on YOU. We’re creating an ecosystem of offerings for your benefit and transparency

We’ve worked in banks before, so we know precisely what works and what doesn’t.

We’ve followed the KISS principle: Identify problem areas (COVID has given that a whole new meaning) and developing products to alleviate that.

Ziksu will be progressively rolling-out Retail and Business products over the next 12 months. Initial launch will comprise Payments and Prepaid Debit Cards products. We’re working through our application for a membership program with a leader in global payments and other partnerships which enable us to deliver differential products for YOU

Card Payment Mobile Transfer
Digital Account Solutions for Retail and Business. An easy way to transact using a digital transaction account. Payments solutions for Businesses and Retail. Integrated instore/online merchant solutions using QR codes. Instant and easy cashless payment solutions

We’re aiming for a launch in Q2 of FY20-21.

So, sign up now and join the waitlist. We will keep you informed of our progress through your registered email address. For business customers, we are offering introductory rates and launch pricing offers.

We will be updating our website with more information closer to launch.

So stay tuned.



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