We’ve created leading edge technology that is completely changing the way payments are made.

QR Code Based Payments

Our payment systems are QR code based, making us truly contactless.

Faster Payments Through PayID

Our platform uses PayID to ensure you receive your money instantly.

No Terminal or Hardware Required

Our Scan and Pay system is designed for operational excellence across all sectors.

Secure Mobile Platform

Ziksu is a secure mobile platform, utilising your existing mobile device for all your financial needs.

Global Market

QR code Scan and Pay digital payment systems used globally in over 50 countries.

Instant Payments

Businesses and consumers can pay, receive and transfer money instantly in Ziksu and across banks.

Making Money Mobile

Ziksu is developed for both businesses and individuals.
Our cutting edge technology allows you to pay, transfer and receive money instantly.
Ziksu is powered by PayID.

Say Goodbye to Terminals and Hardware

Our payment systems are QR code based, making us truly contactless.

Get Paid Anytime Anywhere

No phone line needed and payments are still accepted when offline. All you need is your printed or digital QR code.

Providing The Lowest Fees – PAYG

Ziksu only requires a low one off platform fee and we only charge 1% per transaction.

Get Your Money Instantly

Ziksu is the only platform that will instantly transfer funds into your account after a trade.

Track Your Spending Easily

Get on top of your financial goals with our visual budgeting reports, so that you don’t have to track it yourself.

Request And Split Bills With Your Friends

You can request payment and split bills with your friends without the awkwardness.

Truly Contactless

There is no need to touch terminals to key in your PIN or insert a card as it can all be done on the Ziksu app.

Get Bonuses

Win giveaways and get bonuses when you sign up with Ziksu.

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